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We know that many times the topics of money, loans, banks, credit card issues and the digital economy can be a bit confusing, not to mention exhausting. So many specific accounting jargon terms, so much fine print and so much red tape often make it feel overwhelming to try to get your head around.

That is why we have decided to create this page, in order to help everyone who needs it to avoid getting into trouble with banks, service companies or insurers. Our mission is basically to make the path of personal finance easier, smoother, more convenient and simpler for you.

Having trouble terminating your bank account?

Don't worry, we have written a series of articles specifically for this; where we tell you the requirements and the step by step in a very clear, simple and easy to understand way. So, whether you want to cancel your bank account, car insurance, home insurance, Carrefour account or even credit cards, take a look at the "Cancel" section where we explain everything in detail.

Are you looking to take out a personal credit or bank loan?

Do you want to finance the purchase of a new car or do you need money to start a business? If what you really prefer is to find out about the most convenient financing mechanisms available today, you can take a look at the "Loans" category and the "Credits" section. There you will find different articles according to your needs. Do you need money urgently?

From quick loans without guarantor, through microcredits to free credits without interest and without pay stubs? We have several articles for you.

Do you want to buy your own home or invest in the real estate market?

Then learn everything you need to know about mortgage loans with the help of our experts. We tell you what types of mortgages there are, how to choose the best one according to your needs and purchasing power, how to calculate the mortgage payment and much more.

Do you know for example what "Buró de Crédito" is?

Many times we need to borrow some money from the bank or get a new credit card, either for an unforeseen expense or because we want to make a large purchase, but the bank instantly rejects us for being listed as debtors, with a bad credit history in the Bureau.

The Bureau is an entity that is in charge of registering debtors and anyone who has ever borrowed money in a black list, transmitting the information to the finance companies and banks. But... Calm down! We have several articles dedicated to the subject, to help you clear your reputation and free your economy once and for all, or in case you just want to know your current status in the registers out of mere curiosity.

In today's world, everything is evolving at a frenetic pace all the time. And money matters, finances and banking are not far behind. Nowadays, it is possible to open a bank account inside from a smartphone, take out a loan, receive and send money, invest in shares, pay bills and all kinds of procedures that in the old days we had to stand in line for hours to be attended to.

However, not everything is rosy. Because technology never stops, it is important to always be updated and know how to use these applications correctly so as not to have any problems. It is not something so difficult, but it is always convenient, and it is worth doing a little research before taking the plunge. The truth is that once you get the basics down, then paying bills from your phone or making money transfers really won't take you more than a few seconds.

On the other hand, you will also find an excellent article in which we share with you the most relevant details about the latest pyramid scam: "The Flower of Abundance". If you think that a relative, friend or acquaintance is about to be a victim of this popular type of scam, and you want to learn a little more about it to remove your doubts, you may find it very useful to learn what it is, what it consists of and how to avoid pyramid scams.

Find out everything you need to know in order to handle and manage your money in the best possible way! We have compiled a lot of valuable information, browse our website and discover the best guides, tips, advice and recommendations to improve your economy.

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