Where to Get a Quick and Easy Loan?

How many times we have had to rush to the physical banks to apply for a quick loan, sometimes having to wait endless weeks for an answer that is not always favorable.

And not to mention the requirements they ask us to meet, in which we spend countless hours and days finishing all the paperwork for applying for loans, and always need one more paper.

Nor is it said of the guarantees, that if a guarantor, that if a certain sum to be accrued as salary, that if a material good that supports the loan, that if active or passive goods or that if personal, commercial or credit references.


Therefore, it is very cumbersome for many people to apply for financing of any kind and therefore they turn to other types of lenders that are often unreliable and the interest on loans is so high that one ends up losing the objects, clothes or goods that one has left pawned as collateral for the money requested.

With modern advances and the promotion of online services for physical and virtual banking, an endless number of possibilities have been opened up for those with financial emergencies, be it for health or for the acquisition of any good.


None of these online financial institutions ask for explanations on the use we will give to the money requested and offer a host of advantages that even end with the paperwork and limitations that physical banking offers becoming real solutions for modern society.

That’s why we currently have the option of applying for a quick credit in a savings bank or online bank.

In Europe there are places that provide good credit quickly and easily, which can help you solve your money needs urgently.

So you can get a fast, paperless loan of at least 3000 euros from online financial institutions.

It’s a quick way to solve your loan needs since they are intended for those people who find it difficult to acquire them in physical financial institutions.

To have access to this type of credit, simply enter the website of the entity to which you wish to apply for this credit and make the appropriate online application (by filling in a form) which will be responded to within a few minutes of the request.

We present a set of entities in which you can apply for up to 3000 euros in less than 10 minutes from the comfort of your home, through the Internet, with simple and simple requirements and without much paperwork.

Sites where I can get a quick loan – Now


This entity makes loans of up to 3,000 euros payable in 36 months for monthly income without any kind of guarantee. This credit is granted in 15 minutes and works the same way as an instant credit line.


This entity provides loans of up to 10,000 euros in 24 hours using your car as collateral for this loan, with the advantage that you can continue to use your car without limitations.


This entity’s credit reaches 5,000 euros payable in installments of up to 36 months. This credit is given to you in 10 minutes and is based on monthly installments without collateral of any kind. The monthly fees are approximately 40 euros and are personalized.

Younited Credit

With loans of up to 40,000 euros that must be repaid in 6 years, this entity responds within 48 hours to your request and is justified by income without any guarantee: The monthly installments are 44 euros from now on without banks involved.

Bigbank Plan Loan

This entity provides loans of up to 15,000 euros with

24-hour response and payroll support without collateral of any kind. For these purposes, documents are sent online, guaranteeing speed and simplicity.

ING Direct Orange Loan

With a credit financing of up to 60,000 euros payable in 7 years, the response of this application is immediate and supported by payroll are no guarantee without commissions and interest ranging from 5.95% TIN.

credit fast

Request fast loan “10 minutes” of 3000 euros in Monedo

The Monedo entity provides loans in 10 minutes online for up to 3,000 euros without payroll support, without pension and without collateral, even if you are on delinquent lists such as ASNEF or RAI.

This entity gives you up to 48 installments payable quickly and easily without any documentation.

Procedure to be followed

  • To apply for your credit you just have to go to the Monedo website and select the amount you wish to apply for and the period of time you consider to return the amount requested.
  • Then you fill in a form with your personal, business and bank details and then they will send you a reply with the maximum you can borrow and the terms of the loan.
  • If you agree, you accept the proposal and the money will be sent to you immediately.

Requirements to apply for a quick loan in Monedo

  • No payroll or pension is required because the loans are unsecured for up to 3,000 euros.
  • To have an identity document such as ID card or NIE.
  • Be of legal age and have a residence in Spain.
  • Have a mobile phone and an active email account enabled to contact you.
  • To have a bank account where Monedo will deposit the requested money.

Benefits of applying for credit with Monedo

Speed and ease in requesting few requisitions, without being delinquent being an impediment.

Request loans of 3.000 euros in Cofidis from 24 to 48 hours

Cofidis credits can be between 3,000 and 6,000 euros with a response within 24 to 48 hours. Credits of up to 3,000 euros have no collateral but are based on payroll and credits of up to 6,000 euros can be repaid in installments ranging from 12 months to 41 months.

To apply for a loan from this online bank, log on to their website and fill in the form they submit.

Cofidis will then contact you to inform you of the acceptance of your application and will email you the documentation on your credit and you must return it signed with a copy of your ID card or NIE, a copy of your paycheck or pension and a copy of your bank document or an address receipt to your account.

And in a period that ranges from 24 to 48 hours you will have the money in your bank account.

Requirements you must meet to receive Cofidis loans: this entity grants fast credits without payroll and does not require explanations about the destinations you will have for your application.

Just ask for the following conditions:

  • Possess a payroll, pension or proof of income.
  • An identity document such as ID card or NIE.
  • Have a residence in Spain.
  • Be an adult but under 75 years of age.
  • Have a bank account to place the money you have applied for as a loan.
  • You should not be delinquent to prevent Cofidis from placing limitations on your application.

The benefits of fast credit Cofidis:

  • These are fast credits and you can apply for up to 6000 euros with a 24-48 hour response.
    Maximum repayment term of 41 months.
  • Very low interest rates compared to other financial institutions because they are fast and personal loans.
  • Another of the best advantages is that you can return the money whenever you want and not pay interest for use until the moment you cancel it, since it works as a line of credit.

Bigbank, a way to get a fast online credit, up to 10,000 euros

Bigbank is an online fast loan institution that offers you from 3,000 euros to 10,000 euros within 24 to 48 hours if you have a payroll or pension. These are unsecured loans and provide you with the ability to repay the credit in monthly installments of between 6 and 60 installments.

For the Bigbank online loan application you need to access their website and fill out the forms that appear, including the amount you want to apply for the loan from 500 to 10,000 euros and a repayment term of 12 to 60 months and the monthly installment you want to pay.

Then enter your personal data, monthly income and expenses and your contact details.

In minutes you get a reply back and if your application is accepted you must send the required documentation and the money will be placed in your account within 24 to 48 hours after the application.

Documentation and requirements for Bigbank loans:

  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Be between 20 and 75 years of age.
  • Have an identity document such as ID card or NIE
  • Have a frequent paycheck, pension or proof of income as a support to the company.
    loan repayment.
  • Amounts over 6,000 euros may require a guarantor or guarantor (guarantor) so Bigbank makes personalized studies and makes loans depending on your situation and this makes it possible to grant credit to a good number of people.

Bigbank Benefits and Your Loans

This financial institution is very flexible in the granting of loans adapted to your profile which allows that the percentages of cancellations are much smaller in comparison with other entities.

It also gives you up to 10,000 euros with a maximum response time of 48 hours with monthly installments adapted to your possibilities.

It also has as a great advantage that if you need another credit without having completed the payment of the one you have been granted, you can apply for it so you will make a study and request very likely new documentation.

So fast credits in 10 minutes are an excellent way to get loans of a minimum of 3,000 euros quickly and effectively via online without major setbacks and without a lot of paperwork so it becomes a safe and expedited way to resolve your financial needs and urgencies.

With the possibility of paying in a relatively comfortable time and much sooner if you wish without being charged interest in many of these financial institutions.

You only have to choose the financial institution of your choice and apply now.

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