Twyp Cash – How it Works?

Mobile payments are becoming more and more indispensable and this includes all kinds of operations, no matter how simple they may seem.

From making a payment in shops or establishments to carrying out personal transactions, as well as the refund of money.

From save the safest place to save your money and make your purchases, it will be your mobile phone.

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What is twyp Cash ING?

With Twyp there’s nothing to worry about, you can now have cash without any problems with this ING Direct bank application for personal payments, at its most recent update allows you to withdraw money, no matter which bank you belong to. Using it is very simple.

Twyp is ING’s Android application for personal payments, instantly earns money regardless of the bank

How Twyp works

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Undoubtedly, the use of applications such as Bizum or Twyp drive or facilitate all these types of operations.

How it works Twyp?

At the end of 2015, Twyp was unveiled, from which date it began a process of constant and unstoppable improvement. A trajectory that accredits it and gives it an undeniable prestige.

This is not all, because it also has Twyp Cash, a brand new mobile payment system that also makes it possible for you to get cash from the store where you make your purchases.

The application also contains an indicative map of the places that can make payments with Twyp, so once you are in any of them you can enjoy all its options by making payments using the application with your mobile phone or withdraw cash.

To do this you need to indicate the amount you want and wait for the barcode that will appear on screen, when you show this code to the workers of the establishment or trade, they will proceed to give you the money required.

What makes Twyp Cash so interesting is not the novelty, but its compatibility with other banks, and not being for isolated or exclusive use by ING Direct’s customers.

Obviously the use of the application will collect a euro which will add to the balance of the application. It should be noted that until now, the system does not require commission payments, but it is uncertain whether it will require them at a later stage.

As part of its promotional campaign and in order to encourage the general public to use its service and/or mobile payment system, ING reimbursed 10% of the money used in Tywp until December 31st, for all operations for a maximum cost of 300 euros, applicable to its approximately 4000 stores or associated establishments.

Twyp cash opinions

In my personal experience, Typw is a very useful application that allows us to make payments comfortably and securely in various establishments such as supermarkets and gas stations.

And we will not need to go to the bank if you need some cash.