Bizum – How it Works – Opinions


The current economic context is very dynamic, so banking operates in very particular circumstances, especially because its performance takes place in an environment plagued by many pressures. The constant constraints arising from critical observers, the institutional requirements and those of this time as turbulent as the current one, have led to an accelerated technological update … Leer más

Twyp Cash – How it Works?


Mobile payments are becoming more and more indispensable and this includes all kinds of operations, no matter how simple they may seem. From making a payment in shops or establishments to carrying out personal transactions, as well as the refund of money. From save the safest place to save your money and make your purchases, … Leer más

Azimo – Faster and Safer Money Transfers


Ázimo is a digital option of wide recognition and acceptance useful for those who make cash transfers abroad. Through its website you can send money to any place and at any time you require it, with the possibility of making the respective payment through any online form. Azimo’s positioning in the market is undeniable, and … Leer más