Santander Credit Card Requirements

If you need a certain amount of money or your own bank financing, choose Banco Santander, with which you will be able to obtain numerous benefits. This bank has an extensive track record in terms of loans, in addition to offering excellent service to its customers.

If you are thinking that the best option is a credit card, here are the privileges you can enjoy when obtaining it and the types of cards offered by this bank. However, it is very important that you are aware of the requirements for applying for a credit card in Santander.

As long as you meet the requirements everything else will be a matter of a couple of days, you can do the paperwork from any of its branches or from home through the website of Santander. This bank can even send a financial agent to your home to collect the necessary documentation. It couldn’t be easier!


Santander credit cards available in Mexico

Banco Santander offers its customers different credit cards, all with different benefits. Let’s learn more about each of them…

Santander Classic Credit Card

With this card you will have as benefits different promotions for trips, hotels, restaurants, shops and interest-free financing. In addition, if you need cash you can purchase it in more than nine hundred thousand ATMS internationally.


Another of its privileges is that you can opt for added cards for use of your partner or your children of legal age, with a credit limit. Also, if the cardholder dies, the entire debt will be covered. Not bad, is it?

Free Santander Credit Card

Just like the Classic card you will get numerous benefits, the difference is that you will not pay anything per annuity if you spend at least $200 M.N. per month, and if it is active during the first five months.

If you opt for this card, when filling out the application you must check the option “Free”, this is enough.

Santander Elite Rewards Platinum

With the Elite Rewards Platinum card you can obtain various benefits, including for every dollar or the equivalent in pesos spent, you will earn one point. In addition, with the accumulated points you will be able to collect plane tickets to travel to any destination in Mexico.

Also with this card, you can make transfers to different airlines. If you cancel your trips, with it you will receive protection in the purchase both for delays in flights and for baggage retrieval. If you want to travel, this is undoubtedly your card…

Santander FlexCard

The best thing about the Santander FlexCard is that its annuity will be deferred for 6 months without any interest. However, the monthly payment must be 7% of the credit you have received.

If you lose this card or if you are robbed, you will receive immediate protection. This is a good option to adapt the payment to the desired capital.

Requirements to apply for a Santander credit card

The requirements for applying for any Banco Santander credit card are as follows:

  • Minimum age of 20 and maximum age of 69.
  • Official identification (INE or passport).
  • Minimum income of 7,500 pesos.
  • Proof of address.
  • Santander Credit Card Application.

Depending on the credit card you want, a proof of income may be required, or in the case of the Free card, you must also have another card from Bancomer, Banamex or BBVA, among other entities.

To conclude, meeting the requirements to apply for a Banco Santander credit card is the first step to benefit from all its privileges. However, remember that once the documentation is delivered, the approval will depend on the analysis in the credit bureau with which they will be able to know your credit history.