Fast Unsecured Loans

Until a few years ago, applying for credit was a complicated and slow process, which did not fit the needs of many people who needed extra money to pay a bill or get out of an emergency. But today, thanks to the fast unsecured credits we can apply for from the Internet, this whole process has become much easier.

In this way, thanks to the financial platforms that we can find from applications to web pages, where we have the possibility of applying for fast loans without collateral and use the money received in anything for which we need.

These platforms do not care what we are going to use the money for, they only ask the amount we want and the term in which we will pay that amount plus interest.


So, if you are interested in applying for a fast loan online and you want to have more information about it, in this article you will find all the information you need to know if online fast loans without collateral are what you need and if these financial services fit your needs.

Where to apply for fast unsecured loans?

Due to the great acceptance that these types of financial platforms had, nowadays we can find many options available, so you will not really have any problem to find one or more platforms that offer an option that fits your needs.

The first thing you must take into account about fast credits if you guarantee, is that they do not give large amounts, because thanks to the ease and speed with which these loans are delivered, the amounts available to apply are usually between 300 and 1200 euros, and may vary from one platform to another.


The truth is that applying for one of these quick mini-credits without collateral is really easy, since the whole process can be done from the Internet and the comfort of your home or office, so you won’t have to go out, make copies of documents, show up for an interview, etc. The ease with which the whole process can be done is one of the main advantages of this type of financial service.

Normally, all you have to do is go to the official website of the financial institution, complete the registration form by filling in the fields with all the information requested and send a photo of your ID card or official identity document and send the registration form.

Once you have completed the registration, you will be able to choose the amount of money you need and the period of days in which you plan to pay the loan plus interest. Keep in mind that in most cases the time to pay these loans is 30 days, although in some cases it can be up to 60 or 90 days, although these last two options are not so common.

Regardless of the platform you are thinking of using to apply for your credit, it is very important that you verify all the information related to payment methods, interest and requirements necessary for your loan to be accepted. This way, it will be much easier for you to find the financial service that best suits your needs.

Without a doubt, these types of services have come to make it much easier to apply for and receive a loan, so it’s no wonder they’ve become so popular in such a short time.

Requirements for applying for a fast unsecured loan

Most of the platforms that offer online credit services, usually have very simple requirements to meet, although it is clear that the more money you want to apply, these requirements may increase, such as requesting a guarantee or a payroll receipt with an amount that proves a good economic flow.

So, we will focus on the quick credits without guarantee that are within the limit of 300 eur – 1,200 eur and on the requirements that the platforms usually request in this type of credits:

  • DNI or NIF (photograph attached to the registration form).
  • Have a Spanish bank account (in this bank account the money requested will be received, and in some cases direct debits will be made to this account in case the loan is not paid in the agreed time).
  • Be over 18 years old (some pages may request 21 or 25).
  • Not be very old (some platforms do not accept credit from people over 70-75 years old).
  • Have a proof of a constant monthly payment (it can be a proof of pension or retirement).

As you can see, the requirements requested by these financial platforms are usually not very high or strict, so the most common scenario is that there are no complications to be accepted and receive a credit.

However, before you make a decision on which platform to apply for your loan, it is very important that you know in depth all the details about that platform, from the form or method of payment, the interest that will be generated in that period of time, what is the maximum period of time you have to pay, etc. In this way, you can avoid unwanted surprises or problems for the credit you have requested.

What are the differences between unsecured and secured fast loans?

The fact that most online financial platforms work in a very similar way in terms of how you apply for and pay for credit, the truth is that we can find different types of loans and services, and it can be very easy to find one that fits our needs.

However, the fact that there is a large supply of loans and financial services can make many people confused or unaware of the differences in the various types of services.

Thus, the verification process and the requirements requested, as well as the time and method of payment, can vary significantly from one type of credit to another. That is why we will now discuss in more detail the differences between a quick credit without collateral and one with collateral.

Main characteristics of unsecured loans

This type of credit, stands out for being very simple to apply for and with high probabilities of being accepted and delivered. That is, this type of loan stands out for the few requirements that are requested and for the speed with which the money is requested.

Generally, the application form is very simple and only asks for data to verify the identity of the applicant and a bank account where the money is deposited. Once the loan is accepted, the money is deposited after 10-15 minutes.

However, this great ease in applying for the loan and being accepted comes with a significant reduction in the amounts that can be applied for. In other words, these are smaller loans that are aimed at users who want to get out of an emergency or pay a bill as soon as their monthly salary arrives.

Main characteristics of collateral loans

Loans that require collateral and proof of income, on the other hand, tend to provide larger amounts of money and give more time to repay. Although these aspects can vary greatly from one platform to another.

Because these services deliver larger amounts of money, they tend to have higher and more complicated requirements for some people to meet, and are closer to a “personal loan” option.


Applying for a quick unsecured loan is very simple, and in most cases, you don’t even need to have proof of your income.

To apply for this type of financial service, simply access the website of the platform of your choice and start the application process from the amount, day and interest calculator that appears on its homepage

The procedure is very simple, and the same platform will guide you step by step until you complete the whole process and your loan is deposited in your account, in case your application is accepted.