Credit Bureau Report

Workers. whether to start a business or to get out of some unforeseen event, we are often forced to turn to banks. Apply for a loan is the only option to get a large amount of money, which then we can pay back gradually.

Although this is the most recommendable option, as opposed to a financial or a savings bank where we will always end up paying a higher interest rate, it is not always so easy to be granted. The banks request a series of requirements that we must fulfill to raja table to be able to become creditors of a loan.

It is not only important that we have the documentation they request, such as proof of address or income, but also with the necessary points in the credit bureau report. To find out what your score is, the bank will be able to consult this report in Mi Score, something that we can also access. Below, we explain what it is and how to consult it.


What “Mi Score” is and what it’s for

As you probably already know, the credit bureau is the organization in charge of collecting our credit history. The information provided through this organization helps banks know how a potential customer has behaved in relation to their loans, i.e., whether or not they have paid the corresponding fees.

The information they are looking for is expressed in the document known as the Special Credit Report, which can be used to determine whether the loan requested has been granted. Since institutions are much stricter than financial institutions or savings banks, they also consult the Score, but what exactly does this report show?

Well, it is a complement to the Special Credit Report that shows the score of each debtor in Mexico in terms of both current and past credits. Both the Special Credit Report and Mi Score, have a value of 58 Mexican pesos, and can be obtained through the website of the credit bureau (clic here).


The information shown on this page is freely accessible, although it should be noted that entities wishing to consult this report must have a permit signed by the client. Through Mi Score, we can know the following data:

  • Know the credit behavior through a single score, as if it were a test.
  • Know what factors influence through the results obtained.
  • Compare our financial situation with the rest of the population on average.
  • Obtain help and recommendations to improve the results and thus have more possibilities when applying for a loan.

How to obtain Mi Score in the credit bureau

In order to access “Mi Score” in the credit bureau, it is not only necessary to pay the corresponding fee, but also to comply with a series of requirements, such as having obtained a loan in the last two years.

These credits can be either a credit card with the latest statement, an auto loan, as long as no more than six years have passed since settlement, or a mortgage loan, as long as no more than six years have passed since settlement.

If you have these requirements, you can obtain a Mi Score report by going to or calling one of the credit bureaus, or from the web page indicated above.

If you have any doubt, you can call from the interior of the republic to 01 800 640 7920 or from Mexico City to 5449 4954. In case you still do not know, customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 hours, and Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00 hours.

This is all friends, if you are thinking about applying for credit and have any questions about you can be granted, check your credit bureau report and Mi Score, you will know how your credit history is and what your score. Go!