Aztec Bank How to Apply for a Loan?

Do you need a loan and do not know which is the best option? Today we show you one that may be interesting for you.

It is Banzo Azteca loans, the alternative to consider when for whatever reason we need a certain amount of money quickly and effectively.

Below, we show you what are the essential requirements to apply for a loan with Banco Azteca.


Personal credit Banco Azteca

If you need money immediately Banco Azteca is undoubtedly one of the best options, yes, as long as you meet all the requirements they request.

The best thing is that you can choose yourself the terms of time to pay within the options that this bank offers you. Now, if you pay in the time initially indicated you will end up paying less thanks to the discounts that this institution will let you know.

With the Banco Azteca loan you will also be able to buy in different businesses using your card. In addition, once the loan is authorized you will be able to have up to 12,000 pesos instantly, with a maximum term of 24 hours to receive the rest of the credit.


The total amount you can access is 70,000 pesos that you will receive in cash. If you have any doubts or queries, you can go to any of their branches from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. any day of the year.

Requirements to apply for a loan at Banco Azteca

Let’s go to the most important thing, the requirements. What do you need to apply for a loan with Banco Azteca? Pay attention!

  • The first thing to do is present your official identification, whether it be INE, IFE or passport.
  • Minimum age of 18 years and maximum of 75 years as long as you have Mexican nationality and residence in Mexico.
  • You will need a proof of address that does not exceed three months old.
  • Good credit history and proof of income.
  • Present a guaranty and pledge guarantees.

These are the only requirements that Banco Azteca will ask you, if you have a stable job, you reside in Mexico and you are a good payer the most likely is that they will accept your loan without major problem.

How to make payments to Banco Azteca

Payments for loans from Banco Azteca will be made every week, and the sum of each installment will be the minimum, since the entity will choose for you a feasible installment.

Once your credit has been accepted, you will be able to dispose of the money after a minimum period of 24 hours. We must point out that if you are a new client the maximum you will be able to access is 12,000 pesos, however, if you have previously requested a loan with them and you are a good payer they will be able to lend you up to 70,000 pesos.
The terms to pay the payments will be made weekly from 13 weeks to 128, is not bad at all right?

Banco Azteca credit simulator

To find out if you can opt for the Banco Azteca credit, the best thing you can do is consult its simulator. Go to the official website and click on calculate your credit.

Once in this option you can put the amount of money you need and the weekly term you want, according to these data will tell you the amount to pay and the annual CAT.

If you need loans quickly and efficiently Banco Azteca is one of the best options, you only have to meet some requirements and you will have the amount agreed with the institution in less than you expect.

Have you ever applied for a loan with Banco Azteca? If so, tell us about your experience…