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Ázimo is a digital option of wide recognition and acceptance useful for those who make cash transfers abroad. Through its website you can send money to any place and at any time you require it, with the possibility of making the respective payment through any online form.

Azimo’s positioning in the market is undeniable, and it is basically due to the many international destinations that can have the sending of money, together with the multiple options of currency or currencies in which it can deliver the same.

It should be noted that the receipt of money can take various forms, for example:


  • Withdrawal of cash at multiple affiliated locations.
  • Deposit in a bank account with one of the affiliated entities.
  • Sending to a digital purse
  • The home delivery of the cash to its recipient.

Azimo opinions – It’s an excellent personal choice

It represents a unique and very useful option for migrants to send economic resources to their families who still live in the land where they were born, since the service has translation in at least ten languages, which expands the possibility of using it in the language or language of origin of the person concerned.

For this purpose, exchange rates usually make it less onerous than other banks and/or cashiers or transfer operators. It is very important to mention that Ázimo has the prestige of providing a service that covers hundreds of thousands of customers, as the most severe criticism has expressed.

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Having in turn as the most favorable aspects of this firm, which are set out below:

  • The possibility of sending money to almost two hundred countries around the world.
  • The multiple methods of payment.
  • Availability in ten different languages.
  • The excellent opinions of the most demanding critics and opinion pages.
  • Azimo has a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to use since it is a very friendly application.
  • Azimo commissions – Low exchange rates.

Among the above, the most significant disadvantages can be summarized in the following mentions

  • Currently only available in Europe.

It is necessary to understand that, apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the service, it is necessary to know the reasons that led the public or user to establish certain opinions. The aspects or features that caused a maximum acceptance or pleasant impression to the public, can be abbreviated simply in the speed with which the money was delivered.

On the other hand, when the opinion was not as positive as expected, it was due to delays in transfer operations, the slowness presented by the service on other occasions and certain isolated inconveniences in the receipt of money for bad service or wrong direction, during the development of foreign operations.

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How does Azimo work?

You can trust Azimo, because it is a duly authorised organisation for electronic money, which enjoys the respective legal regulations issued by the competent financial and customs authorities in the United Kingdom, with a status of legal certainty that is recognised internationally.

To this end and as a corollary, it should be noted that the regulations established by the financial system indicate that all economic funds owned by users or customers must be kept in separate accounts, i. e. completely separate from Azimo’s own accounts.

This measure provides security for your money, in the event that any financial situation should arise and such a safeguard is insufficient. Azimo has a measure for the return of money or refund of the entire amount paid, when it is cancelled or rejected for any reason.

There are aspects that speak very well of Azimo, among them the opinion gathered among its workers through qualified opinion firms, who said they were having a pleasant work experience within that company.

Another significant aspect for this prestigious company is the position gained within the international market for its high revenues, which has made it one of the most significant and extensive networks in the world.

All this happens without Azimo losing sight of the fact that it is becoming an important digital transfer network on the world scene, making it possible to send money to billions of people around the globe, fulfilling many of the corporate purposes that have been established.

Steps for operation

  • Sign up for a free Azimo account in a few moments
  • Select the recipient of your operation and the way you want that money to be received then set up a transfer
  • Enter the amount of money to send and payment method
  • Also make a transfer to the Azimo account or make an immediate payment with your debit or credit card or using a direct payment procedure.
  • Ázimo will make a direct delivery to the recipient of the operation immediately or after a few working days, depending on the payment method.

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